SAP Integrated Business Planning - Agile Implementation

Posted by Ian Brister on 09-Feb-2017 13:36:59

There are many blogs on the topic of Agile, and there are many blog posts on the topic of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP). But not many blogs on the combined topic of Agile IBP Implementation! In this blog I intend to share my thoughts as to how a SAP IBP implementation is suited to an Agile approach. Really suited!

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SAP Integrated Business Planning - Outlier Detection and Correction

Posted by Suresh Sellaiah on 22-Dec-2016 08:09:16

As SAP continue to enrich the functionality of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), in this blog I am going to describe the outlier detection and correction methods offered within IBP for demand (as at release 1608). I will not however be discussing which of these methods are the best, as from my experience I have found that the rules and methods vary depending on the organization’s perspectives and processes followed.

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Semi-Finished Goods Scheduling within SAP APO

Posted by Chandra Shaktawat on 07-Dec-2016 13:59:56

Short-term production scheduling is a key business process that ensures efficient use of scarce manufacturing resources, alignment of raw materials and flexibility when tackling manufacturing challenges. Whilst scheduling of Finished Goods (FG) is common place in SAP Advanced Planning & Optimisation (APO) Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) implementations, an area often overlooked is the scheduling of Intermediates or Semi-Finished Goods (SFG) production.

Quite often this is a manual process, or is controlled by spreadsheets and/or third party/non-SAP systems which makes it challenging to manage the alignment between the SFG and FG schedule.

This blog is intended to highlight the main challenges and importance of the SFG scheduling process and present an overview of the capability within APO PP/DS that can be used to deal with these challenges.

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Attribute Transformations with SAP Integrated Business Planning

Posted by Jacky Jain on 30-Nov-2016 12:26:36

In this blog I will walk through the principles of ‘Attribute Transformations’ within SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and discuss the basics of implementing such transformations.

We will also look at how some demand planning scenarios like displaying Year -1 data, Realignment (which is not currently offered as standard within SAP IBP), Distribution Centre closures and Product Substitutions can be achieved using Attribute Transformations.

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Challenges of SAP Integrated Business Planning in the Cloud

Posted by Peter Clancy on 24-Nov-2016 14:27:47

Implementing a cloud solution today, even in an organisationally cloud aware environment, is still a daunting task. There are many requirements to ensure that a product is safe and secure to use, as well as ensuring it achieves the business benefits that are required.

This blog focusses on Challenges of SAP’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution, a cloud based planning software, and tries to give pointers as to what to do when you develop your own clould migration strategy. The IT industry is still in a period of growth with cloud based solutions industry wide, so it’s quite important to consider any challenges that a company would face in implementing and using IBP operationally – this blog seeks to identify the 6 top challenges and see how IBP or SAP addresses these.

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Financialising your plan in SAP Integrated Business Planning

Posted by Steve Rampton on 27-Oct-2016 18:48:05

For those of you exposed to the full force of SAP marketing for SAP Integrated Business Planning, I’m sure you will have heard the phrase ‘financialising the plan’. But have you ever stopped to think about why this is beneficial and what this means in practice when it comes to implementing it in SAP IBP?

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform integration services. How to connect IBP & APO

Posted by Sarath Suryadevara on 22-Sep-2016 07:50:00

In this blog I intend to give an overview of SAP HANA® Cloud Platform (HCP), integration services, and will also explain the integration steps and configuration required to integrate SAP Advanced Planning and Optimisation (APO) Demand Planning (DP) data with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) using a pre-existing template.

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Options for implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand

Posted by Ian Brister on 16-Sep-2016 07:00:00

It has become apparent to me during recent client conversations that the options available for implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for demand are unclear for many of our customers.  One of the underlying reasons for uncertainty in my opinion is however clear: SAP Advanced Planning and Optimisation (APO).  If you have already implemented APO, then your journey has probably been long and your system full of customisation, putting uncertainty as to what the timelines or benefits of actually implementing IBP for demand are.

In this blog I intend to highlight a number of different options on your journey to adopting IBP for demand.

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SAP IBP for demand statistical forecasting. Is all that glisters gold?

Posted by Ian Brister on 08-Sep-2016 21:08:37

In a previous blog (Should you be Demanding IBP?), I highlighted some of the high level differences between SAP APO Demand Planning and SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for demand. 

With the impending release of IBP v6.3 due later this year, I intend to go under the bonnet of the IBP for demand statistical forecasting engine to see if all that glisters is really gold.

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Our DDMRP solution of choice: Replenishment+

Posted by Jonathon Vaiksaar on 17-May-2016 17:55:11

Replenishment+ is Olivehorse’s chosen Demand Driven MRP solution for several reasons. Here's why..

R+ was the first DDMRP compliant solution and so has benefited from rigorous testing through numerous deployments globally. This means we have a tried, tested and stable solution. It also has the benefit of being incredibly simple and easy to integrate into existing ERP landscapes. Hence, it can run in parallel without having to change any of your existing configuration. This for us is an ideal scenario as it will allow APO/ECC to deliver the benefits of large scale analysis and execution required for mid/long term planning and continue to manage the execution of production recording, distribution management and procurement. At the same time, it means R+ can focus on the core value driver of making it simple and easy to interpret daily replenishment decisions without unnecessary additional requirements of the system.

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