5 Steps to Getting Value out of your Supply Chain Management Investment

Posted by Jim Houghton on 08-Sep-2015 07:00:00

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Are you maximising returns from your investment in planning software?


Over 40% of supply chain executives believe they are not making the best use of the functionality available within their planning software. (Supply Chain Digest) This indicates that a significant proportion of supply chain leaders believe the capability of their toolset is not their primary challenge – the issue is with how their processes are modelled and the tools capability is deployed.

In order to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your supply chain management investment, it will be necessary to assess all of the following five elements of your organisation’s supply chain planning capability.

System - Are you using the right functionality to address your particular supply chain challenges and complexity?

People - Are your planning team focusing on the right things, where they can add most value?

Data - Does your data allow the solution to accurately model your product flows, supply chain partners and customers?

Reporting - Do you have the right management information to make timely management decisions and respond to market opportunities?

Process - Are your planning processes integrated and streamlined and tightly connected to execution of the plan?

How is your supply chain planning executing in these five areas?

Our Health Check service helps users of SAP APO determine exactly how they are performing against each of these criteria. It provides a rapid, targeted diagnostic to evaluate whether the potential value of solution is being achieved. Capability in each area is measured against market leading good practice and enablers identified to address priority areas. The outcome is a practical, action-orientated set of recommendations which will enable successful delivery on supply chain goals and maximise return on investment. 

Download our whitepaper “Are you Getting the Most out of Your Investment in APO?” to learn more.

Are you getting the most out of your investment in APO?

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