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Do you use SAP for Short Term Planning & Scheduling? Essential reading for your future Roadmap – Part 2

Posted by Chris Curtis on 01-Jul-2020 14:20:44

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A lot of companies have already taken the time to understand the power that S/4HANA can bring to their business, leveraging its in-memory capabilities and enhanced user experience provided by SAP Fiori, to name only a few of its facets. It is widely acknowledged from companies across all industries that this could be the next logical step to take in the ERP world if they have not already done so, but the main challenges that constantly arise in relation to this are “When?” and “How?”

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Do you use SAP for Short Term Planning & Scheduling? Essential reading for your future Roadmap – Part 1

Posted by Chris Curtis on 27-Jun-2020 13:55:14

(2-3 min read)

As a business, you have probably already started considering a move to S/4HANA, that is if you have not transitioned already. At this point a series of questions arise…

  • This is expensive! It is a major decision! What is the payback?
  • Is S/4HANA the way to go? What are the available options for me in scheduling? Does it provide the right short-term planning and scheduling functionality for my business?
  • Would it be a whole new project to embark on?
  • Is now the right time to commit?
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Using SAP's APO PP/DS Optimiser as an effective sequencing tool

Posted by Chris Curtis on 27-Nov-2018 17:15:35

For many manufacturing organisations, Detailed Scheduling is mainly driven by the need to perform manufacturing by following a specific preferred sequence whilst generating an achievable finite plan. It is quite normal for companies to use Detailed Scheduling heuristics for this function, but there are scenarios where this does not quite fit the bill.

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