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Cross Plant Production in SAP IBP TS Supply

Posted by Ravish Kumar on 19-Mar-2021 11:00:00


Big organizations generally have very complex manufacturing scenarios and requirements. One of such requirement revolves around setting up their production process in ERP systems. They may have huge production premise which is further subdivided into various divisions and departments, forming small sublocations within same production facility e.g. automobile production units subdivided into various divisions like Body and Paint shop, engine assembly etc. Generally this requires quiet intensive master data maintenance in mapping the production process in such cases.

In this blog we will be talking on high level how SAP IBP TS Supply helps you in modelling such requirements with spending less efforts on maintaining master data.

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Topics: SAP IBP, Integrated Business Planning, ERP, Supply Chain Planning, Strategy, Business Intelligence, Process, Production Process, Sublocation, Cross Plant Production, Mapping

Demand Prioritization in SAP IBP Order Based Planning

Posted by Ravish Kumar on 05-Aug-2020 12:19:37

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In today’s competitive business environment, Sales Managers manage complex demand streams spread across various geographies. These demand streams can have different priorities; and based on the highest priority demand, business wants to allocate first available constrained resource and supplies to this highest priority demand.

In my following Blog we will see how the Demand Prioritization function provided by SAP IBP will help businesses planning their resources based on the prioritization logic.

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