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Web Based Planning and Collaboration in SAP IBP

Posted by Richard Bevan on 28-Jan-2021 12:25:58


First introduced in early 2019, the Web Based Planning app is not a new addition to the SAP IBP offering. However, what began life as a limited but useful app primarily to assist occasional users of the system with remote access, has since been steadily improved and enhanced over successive upgrade releases into what is now a powerful tool to enable and encourage collaboration with both internal and external business partners across organisations. Studies conducted in recent years suggest that more than half of IT executives now view the introduction of collaboration software as a high or even critical priority to conducting business*, with cost often being the most significant barrier. As such the Web Based Planning app now represents a huge opportunity within standard SAP IBP functionality for increased value-added activity in the planning functions of your business. This blog will demonstrate how it may be used to facilitate cutting edge best practice collaborative planning with internal and external partners alike.

*Source: Forrester Research report "Setting the Technology Foundation for Your Social Business and Collaboration Strategy

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The predictive powers of SAP IBP for demand get a Boost!

Posted by Richard Bevan on 11-Dec-2018 17:12:03

For some time now, SAP have been clear with their intention to develop forecast automation via machine learning capability and functionality. With the 1811 release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), SAP are really starting on their machine learning journey by leveraging content within their Predictive Analytics Library (PAL) and have introduced Gradient Boosting of Decision Trees (GBDT) to the available set of statistical forecasting algorithms within the IBP for demand license.

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Topics: IBP for Demand, Statistical Forecasing, SAP IBP, Gradient Boosting