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Optimise your Supply Chain Optimiser

Posted by Rick Lambrecht on 13-Aug-2014 11:58:00

For  those  businesses  wanting  to  improve  on their supply chain planning processes, implementing the APO SNP Optimiser can often appear to be a daunting task. End-to-end supply chains and resulting SNP Optimiser implementations are becoming increasingly complex. The decision to utilise the SNP optimiser  is  usually  aligned  with  the requirement to plan a realistic, constrained plan with  multiple alternative  solution  options within the constraints and across the whole supply chain.

Choosing which planning method to use the SNP optimiser is undoubtedly the most capable of modelling and dealing with complex planning scenarios. The prospect  of  determining  and  managing all of the dependent costs in the supply chain may lead an organisation to opt out of using the SNP Optimiser. Heuristics or CTM are clear rules based algorithms and therefore easier to use and understand, however, they also tend not to properly reflect a complex and constrained supply chain, and thus the value proposition of the APO implementation can be diminished.

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Topics: SCM Optimisation