Data Integration with SAP IBP using SAP CPI-DS

Posted by Suresh Sellaiah on 05-Dec-2019 11:21:21

Cloud based Advanced Planning technologies such as SAP IBP require data integration both into and out of ERP platforms, BI Systems and other 3rd party systems. 

Data integration covers both Master Data and Transactional Data. Certain data sets such as BOM’s and Routings have more challenges due to the complexity of the underlying data.

In addition, data flow methodologies need to be defined to enable input / output logic.

In this detailed blog I explain how powerful IBP integration tools can help you overcome such challenges .

  • CPI-DS (Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services)a data integration tool used for IBP time series and master data integration
  • SDI (SAP Smart Data Integration)  - used for Order based planning in the Response module of IBP

To view the blog, please CLICK HERE to download.

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