Demand Driven Thinking

Posted by Jim Houghton on 03-Aug-2015 17:39:09

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It's a big day for Demand Driven Thinking at Olivehorse today as we take two steps towards launching our DDMRP service.  We are delighted that Jonathon Vaiksaar has joined us to lead the DDMRP practice, and that we have teamed up with US based Demand Driven Technologies to be their channel partner in the UK.

Demand Driven Technologies, is a leading provider of Demand Driven Solutions and Services through their Replenishment+ software.  Visit them at

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Jonathon brings extensive experience of deploying DDMRP techniques and Replenishment+ software in complex, multi category supply chains. He has worked closely with SAP to create the future blueprint for SAP/DDMRP and with DD-Tech to refine the R+ software and its functionality. Jonathon is a certified DDMRP planner and has strong links with the Demand Driven Institute whom he has worked with over the last few years helping refine the methodology to suit the FMCG environment.

More details on our demand driven thinkling to follow over the next few weeks.


For more information on DDMRP, get in touch with us!