Intelligent Order Promising in SAP - Comparing available solutions

Posted by Sasi Padmanabhan on 28-Oct-2020 13:36:10

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Business background

One of the key functionalities expected from an ERP tool is an “Order Fulfilment” process. The expectation is to provide an accurate and dependable order promise dates upon entry of a sales order. These dates should be proposed based on consideration of relevant stocks and in real time. As a next level of requirement, in situations where demand is greater than supply the system should be capable of taking business priorities as well as profitability into account and provide reliable dates.

Solution Evolution in SAP

This functionality of “Order Fulfilment” is termed in the SAP world popularly known as “Available to Promise” ATP in short. SAP has been constantly delivering different solutions to solve challenges in this area. The different solutions in the SAP suite of products are ECC-ATP, APO-gATP, S4H-aATP. In this blog, the goal is to provide a comparison between the different solutions that SAP has provided in this space. The comparison has been done on three areas a) General Comparison b) Functional Comparison c) System comparison

General comparison:

In this area, we will have a high-level comparison on factors such as deployment methodology, licensing, integration, Roadmap, user interface areas.

Blog Image 1

Functional comparison:

In this comparison, we compare between functionalities expected in “Order-Promising” business process.

Middle Graph V2

System comparison

Last Graph V2


At Olivehorse, we have built in demo capabilities of current functionalities that are delivered as part of S/4 HANA aATP. We have rich implementation experience in APO-gATP along with strong business process knowledge.

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SasiSasibhushan Padmanabhan is a Senior SCM consultant. In total, he has 17 years of manufacturing and IT experience. SAP certified in the areas of S/4 Hana Production Planning and Manufacturing, SAP IBP, SAP-ARIBA Supply Chain Collaboration(SCC).