New Strategic Partnership Delivers Complete SAP Supply Chain Support

Posted by Ian Brister on 08-May-2015 11:59:00

Together Olivehorse and Crimson & Co deliver best of breed integrated supply chain process, people and systems consulting support

Global supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co has formed a strategic partnership with Olivehorse to enhance its SAP supply chain delivery capabilities.

Crimson & Olivehorse Partnership

Crimson & Co works closely with its clients, using deep operational experience and broad-based business skills to challenge, guide and implement. It provides vast industry depth and breadth spanning supply chain strategy, supply chain planning, procurement, manufacturing and logistics.

Olivehorse in turn, offers a broad range of SAP Supply Chain consultancy services including systems architecture, implementation, process design and project management.

Crispin Mair, Co-Founder, Crimson & Co, stated: “We share the same passion for solving complex supply chain problems, which is why both organisations have come together as equal partners in this strategic relationship. This alliance will allow the combined team to address the full breadth of supply chain issues from the board room through to the processes, people and systems that will allow our clients to implement sustainable change.”

Jim Houghton, Director, Olivehorse, stated: “The two organisations are very well matched in terms of our people, our markets and our cultures. I believe this creates one of the few organisations in the UK, entirely focused on supply chain, that can offer this depth of capability.”

Under the terms of the partnership agreement Olivehorse will be Crimson’s partner for SAP supply chain related delivery and product development.  Similarly Crimson & Co will be Olivehorse’s partner for all supply chain related strategic and process design support.



About Olivehorse

Olivehorse is a consultancy focused on the delivery SAP Supply Chain and Integrated Business Planning solutions, they offer solution advisory, assurance and implementation services. Olivehorse believes there is no replacement for specialist experience when it comes to delivering ROI from SAP supply chain programmes. That is why they focus entirely on SAP and on supply chain.  Clients include Unilever Plc, Diageo, Carlsberg and Kellogg’s UK.

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About Crimson & Co
Crimson & Co is a global supply chain consultancy that thinks differently. It stands shoulder to shoulder with clients as it develops outstanding supply chains, using deep operational experience and broad-based business skills to challenge, guide and implement. Its strength is its consulting team, which it nurtures with care, and it has an approach and culture that its clients believe is unique.

The company was founded in 2003 as a breakaway from one of the major consultancies and its scope spans supply chain strategy, planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and customer channels. It operates on all continents, with offices in London, Atlanta, Mumbai, Melbourne and Singapore, and typical clients are blue-chip organisations such as Sony, Diageo, Carlsberg, BAT, GSK, Tesco and Merck.

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