Have you optimised your distribution plan?

Posted by Chandra Shaktawat on 04-May-2020 12:00:00

In this highly competitive world with ever increasing focus on achieving higher service levels, lowering inventories and eliminating waste while reducing costs and maximising profit, it becomes essential that the distribution of goods through the supply chain must be equally effective and efficient and must be optimised to achieve business goals. Products must be available in the right amount, at the right time, at the right place!

A lot of companies use SAP's Advanced Planning & Optimisation (APO) to optimise their production plan in the mid to long term and some are on their IBP Supply journey. However, having an optimised production plan without an optimised distribution plan may not yield business benefits, especially when the supply chain is complex.

When it comes to a tool, the supply optimiser from SAP is the best in class supply chain network optimisation engine and is highly powerful if modelled in the right manner.

In this blog, I will cover various aspects of using Supply Optimiser (APO or IBP)  for distribution planning / deployment optimiser which can help businesses achieve full value out of their investment in this great tool! I will also cover a case study from one of our recent implementations.

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Tips to overcome Supply Chain challenges in a pandemic

Posted by Suresh Sellaiah on 31-Mar-2020 14:05:28

Dear Network,

We hope everyone is well?

None of us would have imagined 2020 to be the year of a worldwide pandemic with Covid-19 (Coronavirus). There is still uncertainty about what will happen next. These are indeed unprecedented times and a time that will not be forgotten in our lifetime or for that matter, in history. We extend our great respect and heartfelt thanks to Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare staff, Ambulance drivers, Supermarket workers, Cleaners, organisations and everyone involved in protecting and saving our lives whilst keeping society going.

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Could I cut down my inventory cost by a million pounds with Anaplan?

Posted by Alejandro Gomez on 18-Mar-2020 12:00:00

The answer, of course, is “yes”. OK, you are right: it is rather easy to cut down inventory cost!

So, let me rephrase it to answer the question you are really asking: “can I release working capital from my inventory while maintaining my desired customer service level?”

And the answer is still “yes”. Find out in 5 minutes how to keep optimum Safety Stock levels across your distribution network leveraging Anaplan’s unique calculation and collaboration capabilities along with Olivehorse’s unparalleled experience in Supply Chain Planning and Execution.

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La planification intelligente de la Supply Chain au service de la réduction du gaspillage alimentaire (FRENCH)

Posted by Nicolas Oury on 17-Mar-2020 12:00:00


Le COVID-19 engendrera paradoxalement des invendus, mais le gaspillage sera moindre si les approvisionnements sont gérés avec les bons outils...



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High-tech discrete manufacturers lacking supply chain innovation

Posted by Ross Perkins on 09-Dec-2019 15:40:00

High-tech discrete manufacturers are feeling a very real and uncomfortable truth; the world has changed and the majority of supply chains simply have not innovated quickly enough to succeed effectively.

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Data Integration with SAP IBP using SAP CPI-DS

Posted by Suresh Sellaiah on 05-Dec-2019 11:21:21

Cloud based Advanced Planning technologies such as SAP IBP require data integration both into and out of ERP platforms, BI Systems and other 3rd party systems. 

Data integration covers both Master Data and Transactional Data. Certain data sets such as BOM’s and Routings have more challenges due to the complexity of the underlying data.

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Forecasting with Correlation Factors

Posted by Ali Malik on 19-Nov-2019 10:16:57


Moving holidays like Ramadan, Easter & Chinese New Year can cause planners an increase in manual effort to get the demand right, in the right place, at the right time.

Traditional seasonal forecasting models handle the seasonal patterns for fixed holiday periods like Christmas & New Year, however no out-of-box forecasting models are available in any demand planning system for moving holidays.

This blog intends to deep dive into the functionality within SAP IBP for Demand module to determine what system features are available to handling this challenge.

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Topics: IBP for demand, Demand, Demand Planning, Supply Chain, Forecast Optimisation

Data Management in Anaplan: Leveraging Anaplan - Extract, Load and Transform capabilities to achieve One version of the truth.

Posted by Alejandro Gomez on 11-Nov-2019 09:34:26

(6 minute read)

Extract, Load and Transform to get a Single Version of the Truth

Today, most companies find themselves swamped by data and they often struggle to find a comprehensive, solid and reliable set of data that they can trust, and they can use for data-driven decision making.

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Time Series Analysis with SAP IBP

Posted by Deepak Arekal on 26-Aug-2019 13:50:17

In many organisations, it is very common to use the statistical forecast as a baseline forecast.  Understanding and analysing of historical data are very important to generate a reliable statistical forecast. In most of the cases, demand planners rely on their team’s experience and conduct visual check (graphs) to understand historical sales pattern such as seasonality, trend, etc. SAP adds another feature in its SAP IBP software under Forecast Automation application, and through this application, demand planners can analyse historical demand data statistically without being too mathematical. In this blog, I will walk you through how it works and discuss some of its advantages and drawbacks of it.

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Right-Sized Inventory

Posted by Paul Johnston on 04-Aug-2019 09:56:25


This article explains the importance of Inventory management in achieving a high customer service level with the right inventory.

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