Olivehorse & Every Angle SAP APO Reporting Module

Posted by Chris Stainthorpe on 18-Jul-2017 15:17:31

Supply chain planning experts Olivehorse and Every Angle are developing a common SAP APO reporting module in Every Angle's business analytics tool. The solution will be launched and presented later this year in a joint event, hosted in Amsterdam.

SAP APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization) is at the planning heart of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM). It dates back to 1998 and over the years has gained in maturity, now forming the backbone of many SCM processes. However, APO was never designed with reporting in mind. This has led many companies to create bespoke reporting solutions dependent upon BI, ABAP and Microsoft Excel. Often though, the process to create reports is cumbersome and costly.

The longer-term roadmap for SAP is to migrate its customers to the new HANA based technologies such as IBP and S/4 HANA which include improved analytics. Whilst SAP customers are adapting their roadmaps, they are commonly faced with long term transition plans, so the need for powerful SAP reporting insight continues to be a critical business requirement.

The newly developed Every Angle SAP APO solution is a powerful and welcome addition to Every Angle’s capabilities in business analytics and process optimization. The new solution combines SAP APO and ECC data with Every Angle Supply Chain analytics, turning this combination into a powerful tool for planning, execution and performance management.

Challenges around SAP APO and reporting are all too familiar: lack of reporting flexibility, insufficient coverage from existing BI systems, combining several sources to get actionable insight in data, and the need for enriched reports to support the daily business.

Every Angle’s APO solution will focus on a series of topics:

  • Inventory Performance
  • Supply Performance
  • Demand Accuracy
  • Financial Projections
  • APO Master Data Quality
  • Lag Reporting (e.g. Forecast Accuracy & Supply Performance)
  • SNP Optimizer Log Analytics

A variety of new analytical fields, useful health check metrics, and integrated dashboards will be a part of the solution and will be ready to use for any SAP APO running organization.

Soon, we will go into more detail about use cases and solutions.

Chris Stainthorpe

Senior SCM Consultant, Olivehorse Consulting


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