Do you use SAP for Short Term Planning & Scheduling? Essential reading for your future Roadmap – Part 1

Posted by Chris Curtis on 27-Jun-2020 13:55:14


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As a business, you have probably already started considering a move to S/4HANA, that is if you have not transitioned already. At this point a series of questions arise…

  • This is expensive! It is a major decision! What is the payback?
  • Is S/4HANA the way to go? What are the available options for me in scheduling? Does it provide the right short-term planning and scheduling functionality for my business?
  • Would it be a whole new project to embark on?
  • Is now the right time to commit?

At Olivehorse, our expertise and cross-industry experience means that we are the right people to help you answer those questions. With a wealth of experience across all elements of Logistics and Planning, we offer advice and insights into the available options, main considerations, and potential pitfalls you may face when embarking on your migration path.

A system migration can take many forms, some examples include:

  • Greenfield implementation
  • A movement to a new core platform, with additional functional offerings
  • A “like-for-like” solution migration
Our experience tells us that every client is different, therefore we can provide comprehensive and tailored advice wherever you are on your S/4HANA journey, with our roadmap service offering, and Discovery Phase analysis.

How much do you know already?

  • Do you know the difference between S/4 Cloud and On-Premise versions in terms of flexibility, and what scheduling functionality would be available to you?
  • Are you aware of the wider options that implementing S/4HANA as a core system opens up for you, including seamless integration into the rest of the ‘SAP estate’, including but not limited to SAP Leonardo (Internet of Things / Machine Learning), SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform?
  • Do you know which new functionality you should be considering, to help to support your benefits business case?
  • Are you fully aligned on how this investment can be leveraged to boost the benefits case for your organisation or supply chain?

We can help ensure you are not being left behind by your competitors, by:

  • Sharing our broad knowledge on functionality within S/4HANA, such as MRP Live, DDMRP, in addition to integration with Ariba, Machine Learning and Analytics capabilities
  • Help to compile your business benefits case to ensure you would be seeing return on your investment
  • Provide a custom step-by-step roadmap aligned with your overall Technical and Business Growth Strategies

Olivehorse would be happy to arrange a free ‘Planning & Scheduling Advisory Day’ to understand your companies options and requirements where we can help your organisation formulate or refine your roadmap, please get in touch now on:


Part 2 of this blog will be released on Wednesday 1st July .

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Chris Curtis-1Chris Curtis is the Scheduling & Execution practice lead and has been with Olivehorse for over 2 years. In total he has 14 years’ experience in designing and implementing planning and scheduling solutions, and prior to that he was a Production Scheduler in the Automotive industry.

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