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Posted by Ian Brister on 08-Sep-2015 12:18:00

Need for Innovation?

In today’s connected world, Supply Chain is more dynamic and needs to adopt to the new business realities where;

  • End customers are more powerful and increasingly demanding
  • There is poor coordination between Supply Chain partners
  • Market conditions are very challenging
  • There is a lack of shared metrics and ineffective technology enablement

Supply Chains are evolving into Demand Networks, where demand information is captured through new signals and fulfilled through the orchestration of a complex network of internal and external partners.

As a result, companies require the ability to capture, interpret, plan and quickly act on real-time information in a fast, efficient and profitable way.

To meet these challenges, SAP’s new Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the solution for Supply Chain Planning.



SAP IBP is SAP's new, state-of-the art platform for real-time, integrated supply chain planning – built on SAP HANA provided in the SAP Cloud (also available on premise).

SAP IBP is being developed to deliver integrated, unified planning across Sales and Operations, Demand, Inventory, Supply and Response planning, as well as the Supply Chain Control Tower for dashboard analytics and monitoring.

 SAP IBP portfolio


IBP for S&OP:

•       Balances demand and supply to achieve Financial targets

•       Optimal business plan to drive revenue and increase the market share

•       Increases forecast accuracy and OTIF


IBP for Demand:

•       Demand transparency

•       More accurate forecasts

•       Collaborate for more accurate forecast

•       React faster to short term demand changes.


IBP for Supply (Quantity based supply plan):

•       Constrained and unconstrained supply plans using heuristics and Optimization algorithms.

•       Deeper networks and BOM explosion

•       Time series rough cut capacity plan

•       Simulation capabilities and scenario planning


IBP for Inventory:

•       Improves customer service levels considering forecast and supply uncertainties.

•       Reduces production and distributions costs

•       Improves the Inventory target-setting process




IBP for Response (Order Based Supply plan):

•       Mid-term supply plan off prioritized demands

•       Short term supply plans and order confirmations based on prioritized orders

•       Rule based, Priority demand, supply-demand match engine.

Supply Chain Control Tower provides:

•       Real time end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

•       Reduces Supply chain cost

•       Reduces overall inventory costs and risks

•       On-time delivery to customers

IBP Highlights

 IBP Screenshots

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