Proving value with Inventory Optimisation in SAP IBP

Posted by Carla de Klerk on 04-Sep-2020 12:24:28

(2-3 MIN READ)

Interested in SAP IBP for Inventory but unsure whether your business will realise the benefit? Olivehorse can provide you with a 6 week Proof of Value, with your data to enable understanding of how the solution will deliver benefit to your organisation.

Together we can build your Supply Chain, to enable a fast and informed decision on the benefits of SAP IBP Inventory in your company. At Olivehorse we can provide calculations, analytics and planning views to evaluate the proposed plans versus your current Inventory Plans.


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Best Practices for Connected Demand Planning

Posted by Alejandro Gomez on 03-Aug-2020 11:27:27


"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future" - Niels Bohr and Others


(6-8 MIN READ)

Since predicting the future is not that easy, let’s get started with a statement about the present: We live in the age of information.

Everybody – including planners and business leaders for the case in point – have access to a great volume of information and content on how to better plan the demand and increase the accuracy of the demand forecast. And I am sure that you, reading this, already have read a lot about it.

So, why another blog yet mounting on the existing pages that already cover demand planning? Because “prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future”. And predicting the demand is not only difficult, but pivotal for now-a-days demand driven organisations. The demand forecast ripples through the organisation and has major impact in Inventory Planning, Revenue Estimates, Budgets… and this relevance is what pushes heads of supply chain and other decision makers to find new ways to improve their predictions.

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Could I cut down my inventory cost by a million pounds with Anaplan?

Posted by Alejandro Gomez on 18-Mar-2020 12:00:00

The answer, of course, is “yes”. OK, you are right: it is rather easy to cut down inventory cost!

So, let me rephrase it to answer the question you are really asking: “can I release working capital from my inventory while maintaining my desired customer service level?”

And the answer is still “yes”. Find out in 5 minutes how to keep optimum Safety Stock levels across your distribution network leveraging Anaplan’s unique calculation and collaboration capabilities along with Olivehorse’s unparalleled experience in Supply Chain Planning and Execution.

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Space: the final frontier – Using SAP IBP Inventory Optimisation to understand your warehousing requirements

Posted by Matt Gilbey on 31-Oct-2017 08:47:50

Warehouse space is one of those things that nearly all supply chains can’t live without. We talk a lot about getting our inventory targets correct, but how often are our targets driven by other constraints such as warehouse space at certain nodes in our network? 

Should such a commodity such as warehouse space drive our inventory decisions, and potentially put customer service at risk? These are big, philosophical supply chains questions which S&OP processes are in place to address – but we can help this process by providing the best information we can. 

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