5 Steps to Getting Value out of your Supply Chain Management Investment

Posted by Jim Houghton on 08-Sep-2015 07:00:00

Are you maximising returns from your investment in planning software?

Over 40% of supply chain executives believe they are not making the best use of the functionality available within their planning software. (Supply Chain Digest) This indicates that a significant proportion of supply chain leaders believe the capability of their toolset is not their primary challenge – the issue is with how their processes are modelled and the tools capability is deployed.

In order to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your supply chain management investment, it will be necessary to assess all of the following five elements of your organisation’s supply chain planning capability.

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Driving user adoption – the biggest hurdle to planner efficiency using SAP APO

Posted by Jim Houghton on 05-Aug-2015 09:00:00

The task of supply chain leaders is not easy.

In the last decade they have had to deal with increased variability in demand, an explosion in SKU portfolios, extended supply networks, and fast changing routes to market.  All in a period where they have been tasked to slash operational costs in order to free up cash for expansions or product investments to satisfy the ever more informed and demanding consumer.

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5 Key Drivers for Optimising Your Supply Chain

Posted by Jim Houghton on 30-Jul-2015 09:10:00

Are you delivering on your supply chain management objectives?

Possibly your trigger for embarking on this investment was an ERP based transformation or a supply chain restructure. However, regardless of the original driver it is almost certain that the end game was an improvement in one or more of your core supply chain performance measures: customer service, inventory, asset performance, planning efficiency or speed of response.

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Maximise ROI of your SAP APO Solution

Posted by Jim Houghton on 08-Jul-2015 09:19:00

How can you maximise the return on your supply chain management investment?

APO and other planning solutions can bring a wealth of benefits to your supply chain processes and impact on your bottom line, however many organisations have made the investment in these tools but have failed to unlock their potential.

In particular, organisations should be striving for improvements in the following 5 value drivers:

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Managing Master Data in SAP APO is Managing Costs

Posted by Ben Jansen Van Vuuren on 19-Feb-2014 10:58:00

We all know the old saying of ‘Garbage in, Garbage out! Companies with ERP systems have learnt this the hard way over the years in implementations and in their day to day dealings with planning systems. Bad master data can be crippling to a businesses and its systems.

Gradually organisations have become proactive in maintaining data right, the first time around. We have seen a real effort from clients in improving data quality within their ERP platforms. However this level of attention is just as important in advanced planning systems where the output of complex functions are highly dependent on good housekeeping. Together with our clients we have identified critical master data for running their SAP APO systems; this can be done with master data dashboards, alerts and simple reports. At this point these tools are not delivered as part of the standard SCM package, however we can help.

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