6 Secrets of Successful Supply Chain Transformation

Posted by Jim Houghton on 19-Feb-2014 09:30:00

The constant challenge for all supply chain leaders is how to drive a constant improvement in performance from their assets. However with tightening market conditions and the reality of global competition hitting home the task has never been harder than it has been in the last decade.

The response has been extensive and varied. Initiatives aimed at supply chain collaboration, organisational restructure and rationalisation, ERP consolidation, and implementation of advanced planning and analytical tools have all been undertaken under the banner of “supply chain transformation”.

Regardless of the objectives many of the techniques required to achieve a successful outcome are common. Here I have attempted to identify what I believe are the 6 most influential. This is by no means a one approach fits all business. Therefore there is no prescription for success, but by considering how your programme measures up you give yourself the best chance of smooth passage on your own supply chain journey.

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Topics: SCM Project Management