What’s Your Roadmap to End-to-End Visibility?

Posted by Kassidy Roussel on 27-Sep-2021 15:06:34

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What’s Your Roadmap to End-to-End Visibility?

If you are thinking of improving your reporting and analytics capability, it can be challenging to know how to approach an implementation. You may be a large organisation with multiple sites, each with its own offline reports and ways of working, or a small organisation heavily reliant on excel to plan. Wherever your business is, a good implementation partner will need to balance the bespoke requirements of your organisation and its current maturity with the best practice solutions for your industry. 

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At Olivehorse, we have several approaches to implementing a business intelligence solution to add value at all stages of reporting maturity. Follow the flow chart below and read the corresponding section to learn how Olivehorse can use SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to enhance your reporting, planning and consolidation. 



Olivehorse has extensive experience working with businesses to expand their Supply Chain Maturity. Olivehorse can work with your business to identify reporting gaps using the Olivehorse KPI Library of best practice reports and alerts. This process involves reviewing your existing KPIs and working across functions to bridge communication gaps, standardise reporting and introduce new reports where needed. 

The Olivehorse KPI library is a great place to start your SAC journey if your business is still in earlier maturity phases or misaligned between sites or functions. 

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Olivehorse’s best practice reporting templates developed in partnership with Oliver Wight are ready to gap-fit to your existing reports and ways of working. With templated functionality to speed up implementation times, you can quickly get your solution up and running without compromising on quality. Olivehorse currently offers an executive support pack with functionality to: 

  • Review your key financials 
  • Simulate high-level financial scenarios 
  • Generate a self-serve sales report 
  • Review your balance sheet and income statement in interactive visual dashboards 





Use Olivehorse’s extensive industry expertise and insight to add value to your current solution using an Olivehorse Value pack. Olivehorse Value Packs are add-on databases with pre-built functionality to enhance your existing models and dashboards. As of September 2021, Olivehorse is introducing its first value pack: Olivehorse Benchmarking. 

This database allows you to compare your business against industry competitors locally or globally using industry-standard KPIs and data-driven insights. 



Are you implementing a new planning system? Why not implement SAC alongside your new solution to visualise data for planners and demonstrate the results to executives. Olivehorse can work with your existing implementation partner or (if Olivehorse is your current implementation partner) with our internal teams to add the insight of an analytics tool. 

By working with you during the design and implementation phases, Olivehorse can identify opportunities to enhance the capabilities of your planning system using best practice reporting, integrated financial planning and easy to understand analytics. 


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Olivehorse can offer a range of options for implementing SAP Analytics Cloud to give you end-to-end business visibility of the supply chain, from long-term strategic targets to the short-term operational supply plan. Contact Olivehorse today to discuss which roadmap is right for you. 

Olivehorse Consulting specialises in the delivery of end-to-end supply chain services from Plan-to-Execution covering all planning functions. With decades of experience in delivering these services in some of the World’s largest and fastest moving supply chains, Olivehorse is ideally placed to help you plan and execute your strategic planning journey. 

To find out more, please contact us for a free taster session. 

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